advisers to leaders

Manchester Square Partners is a trusted adviser to leaders in business

Manchester Square Partners’ purpose is to help leaders in business navigate ambiguity and make good decisions. Our clients are typically on the Executive Committee or Board, or are moving towards it. Many are involved in some form of succession or transition plan, be that short or medium term. In the main, we work with CEOs and Executives, or the Chairman, acting as a sounding board and advisor in three contexts:

  • the challenges of leading and managing an organisation. These range from the FTSE 100 to professional partnerships and private companies
  • the qualities and characteristics required to progress up the organisation, or onwards to the next professional chapter including planning for the addition of non-executive or advisory roles
  • the assessment of leaders and teams for succession planning, acquisition, integration or board effectiveness purposes

Clients come to us to reflect, and to achieve clarity. In partnership, we review their brand of leadership and professional standing. We then look to the future and help plan the way ahead. Our advice and support is pragmatic and independent. Each client situation is bespoke. We are proud that over 30% of Manchester Square Partners’ clients are women.

Our work is privileged and leads to access to the highest levels of the business community, and as such we bring current market experience and perspective. Our client portfolio ensures we know what good leaders look like, and the successful styles of leadership in today's demanding business environment.